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Can I host my website on

No. A site (a WordPress site hosted outside of allows advanced theme customization and advanced plugin installation. does not. You can choose to host your site with any other hosting company that supports WordPress. If you don’t have a hosting company in mind, there are two hosting companies that I currently use for my own websites. They are Bluehost and Siteground.

Do you recommend a hosting company?

I personally use Bluehost or Siteground for my websites. However, you can host your website with any hosting company of your choice as long as it supports WordPress. Most hosting plans include 1 free domain name registration. If you want to host more than one website on your account, then make sure the hosting plan you choose allows more than one website. The basic plan of a lot of hosting companies only allow 1 website.

My name is already registered as a domain by someone else. What can I do?

If your name is already taken, then consider alternate domains.

  • Add in your middle initial (i.e.
  • Add a dash between your first and last name (i.e.
  • Prepend or append literary related words to your name
    • “author” (i.e. or
    • “writer” (i.e. or
    • “books” (i.e.
  • If you’re known for writing a series, you can try your series name

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