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Fully Responsive Design

Responsive design means that the website is optimized for a wide range of devices, including your desktop, mobile phone, and tablets. In this day and age, with mobile devices all around us, it is imperative that your website is responsive. Only responsive themes are used by Beetiful Webs.

Social Media Links

A great way to keep connected with your fans is through social media. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or other social media, your fans will search for a way to connect with you. All Beetiful website themes have the support to add these important links to your site. Some themes place them on the header, on the sidebar, or on the footer.


All Beetiful websites, with the exception of the Busy Bee websites, come with a blog. If you don’t like like the traditional blogging, you can turn the section into a News section and use it for special announcements such as book cover reveals, book releases, contests, appearances, and / or special deals.

Contact Form

A contact form makes it easy for your readers to get in touch with you. Every Beetiful website comes with one contact form.  It’s $50 for each additional form set-up.

Mailing List Signup

Building a mailing list is important so that you can keep your readers informed about your books. Beetiful websites use the premium plugin called Bloom. Bloom gives you many great ways to add a mailing list sign-up to your site.

Don’t have a mailing list yet? Beetiful can help you set one up with MailChimp for an additional $40. (Comes free with Queen Bee Themes). NOTE: this is only to set-up MailChimp. It does not include creating an email template design)

Standard Book Pages

Create separate pages for each of your books. You can include an excerpt, a book trailer, buy links, social media links, and more.

Advanced Book Pages

Advanced book pages are standard book pages on steroids. They take the design to the next level with countdown timers, image galleries, character boards / profiles, fancy quotes, and more!

Basic SEO (search engine optimization)

It’s important to make it easy as possible for your readers to find you online. Search engine optimization will help get your website higher in the search results when someone searches for your name. Beetiful uses an SEO plugin called Yoast SEO to help aid in this process.

Video Backgrounds  (extra $50)

Video backgrounds can enhance a users website experience. You can choose from premium video stock footage, free video stock footage, or provide  your own. Video background capability is only available in select themes. Video backgrounds do not work on mobile devices. A static image background is used in place of the video. If the video background requires editing, additional fees may apply.


One of the best things about the WordPress platform is its ability to support a vast array plugins to add advanced features and advanced functionality to your site. Beetiful uses both free and premium plugins for SEO, security, optimization and more. View a list of some of the plugins Beetiful uses on its websites.

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